A Call for Aid

A Call for Aid

They've stood for thousands of years, and stationed by your people for just as long. The symbol of an ancient pact between two nations - beacons, that should they be lit would signal the need for aid. A duty, an obligation. You are honor bound to answer the call should their smoke light ascend to the heavens. They have never once been lit before.

That is until ten days ago. The signal smoke was mistaken for some other fire, at first given how unusual it would have been for a beacon to alight. The messenger-raven that arrived a few hours later confirmed the worst: The Elklands were under siege. They had arrived. The reports were scattered at first, no one was able to determine what exactly they were. Nevertheless you prepared to ride. As a member of the Vanguard yours is a special task; if ever the Elklands were in danger of falling, you are tasked with retrieving the Caulstone - an ancient artifact housed in the depths of the Chapel of the Fallen, deep within the Elklands. For the Caulstone is tied to the life of the land. If it is destroyed, so too shall all life be.

Five days ago, all communication from the Elklands ceased, and you feared the worst. Yet you continued to ride. You've managed to avoid them so far, but as you get closer to your destination you can sense them - the oppressive feeling of death continues to grow closer. You're not sure that the army behind you will be able to prevail where apparently the Elklands have failed, but that is of no consequence. You must extract the Caulstone and get it to safety, else you'll have no chance at all.

Places of Note: Field of Endless Armor, Fanged Woods, Mirror Lake, Chapel of the Fallen, Endless Catacombs

Goal: Make it into the Chapel of the Fallen, brave the Endless Catacombs, retrieve the Caulstone and get it to safety.