Publishing Tracker

This is the page that keeps track of all the ongoing projects that we're working on along with their progress.

Fortress of Kelnor

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We're about 93% of the way there. The majority of the content is done, but the rules and fine tuning need to be completed.

Hex Icon pack created to fulfill the need for a simpler hex map.

OSRaon Icon Pack

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Old School Icon pack! It's 100% complete, but it's still getting more icons periodically as I add more things to other product's maps.

The Corrupted Temple of Una

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About 50% completed. The text is written, but several room descriptions need to be fixed. Originally the adventure was written for 5e, but I've rewritten the rules for Pathfinder 2e.

Artwork still needs to be done, as well.

OSRaon Hex Icons

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About 10% complete! I've made some hex icons, enough to fulfill the need for Kelnor, but not enough to meet the other product needs. If it's useful for you, give it a download - it's free! (Or you can make a small donation if you desire).

History of the Whale

This is a full accounting of one the gaming group's favorite homebrew settings in campaign setting form. It's going to be fairly long.

About 5% done. Slowly making progress.

Working Title: Nix Noctis

Full game, currently on extremely rough first draft.

2% done - written the pitch line and have done some outlining and planning.