OSRaon Hex Tiles Launch

OSRaon Hex Tiles Launch

Hey friends! So, one of the things that became readily necessary as I was working on Fortress of Kelnor is that I needed to make a much simpler hex grid for the adventure. The one I'd started with was made in Inkarnate, which is awesome for making fine detailed maps, but trying to deconstruct one of those images into something that's black-and-white and easy to work with the rest of the overall style I'm going for was proving to be fairly difficult.

One of my friends recommended using HexKit to generate the tile map, and while it worked pretty well for putting the hexes onto a grid - what, unfortunately it did not have was icons that I could use for commercial purposes. There are several really robust packs available on itch.io that do allow for commercial licenses, but nothing really matched the aesthetic of the icon pack I made for the rest of the project.

So, in true "I have to do everything on this project myself" fashion, I decided to go ahead and try at creating a very simple Hex icon set that can be used for commercial purposes in my own projects and share that with the rest of the internet. It's still a work-in-progress, but I've decided to go ahead and release what I've done just as motivation to get it out there - if it happens to be useful to anyone else, that's awesome!

You'll all see the first hex map making an appearance in the Fortress of Kelnor (and it'll likely make an appearance in The Corrupted Temple), but in the meantime I've made an example map and attached it to the itch.io page.

Happy Mapmaking!