Fortress of Kelnor

Fortress of Kelnor
Kelnor Map Preview
About four centuries ago, the Kingdom of Sanfjord controlled the only viable pass through the Norwald mountains. They stationed fortresses at either side of the pass, publicly to collect tolls and to defend against bandits. Privately, however, the southern fortress was created to protect and house the greatest treasure the Kingdom had come across - the Vylnoth Tree.
Target Release: Late 2023

The Fortress of Kelnor is a short introductory adventure for an as-of-yet unpublished game system. It's designed as both an explainer adventure for that system and to showcase the OSRaon Icon Set.

The Adventure starts in the small town of Deklan's Fall, and quickly sends the players off into the wilderness in search of a miracle cure. Designed to be completable in 1-2 sessions of play, this adventure is accessible to new and veteran players alike.

Journey into this abandoned fortress, face a challenging set of foes, and unravel a mystery that led to the fall of a kingdom.