Annalise Helper

Annalise Helper
Annalise is part of the suite of apps.

Annalise Helper is a simple app for facilitating playing Annalise online. I originally created the system to manage passing out secrets between the players in an orderly fashion (I couldn't find a good system for shuffling the secrets around - everything I found is geared towards secret santa drawings).

We're not affiliated with Nathan D. Paoletta in any way, and the tool does not explain any of the core mechanics, it does no calculations, basically if you want to play the game you need to buy the book available from the NDPDesign site.

From there it evolved into a system for managing synchronous online gameplay, most importantly the game board.

Annalise helper Game Board

The game board allows you to easily create Consequences and Achievements, add Satellite traits, create and spend tokens on claims, and essentially everything you need to share an ongoing game with your players.

The board syncs to all participants in real time, so any changes appear immediately.

Annalise Helper is free to use, so if you're running an Annalise game online - I'd be honored if you give it a go. If you get stuck we've got several helpdesk articles to help you.