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There are realms that you cannot perceive. Much like a two-dimensional character on a piece of paper can't comprehend a third dimension, so too do you find yourself in a situation where you cannot comprehend what lies beyond. That used to be true, anyway.

Ten days ago, you began to see things. Odd angles. Shapes and figures tugging at the corners of your mind. The old lady down the street folding in on herself. You know, normal everyday things. Suddenly, your mind was opened to the possibilities and you know now how to slip between the cracks. Teleportation. But not exactly - you can move through more than three dimensions. Time, Space, Stranger Places. You can see wonders that most humans could never dream of.

You're not alone. There are others like you. Some of them used their abilities to rob banks, slipping between the edges of the world, taking the goods, and vanishing again before anyone was the wiser. Some have left altogether. Fallen off the edge of reality. Or.


By Them.

They've seen you. They've seen what you can do. Where you can go. What you can change. They're determined to stop you. Take you. Send you back. Discard you. Break you.

You cannot let that happen. Will. Not. Let. That. HaPPeN. You must shake them no matter the cost. There must be some... PLaCe. Some TiMe. RUN. HIDE. ESCAPE.

Play Notes: This setting takes place across multiple dimensions, and as a result the players can travel through time and space to any world or realm your mind can imagine. And some you can't. Can the human mind handle that kind of information before it starts to seem alien? Play up the weirdness of the places you travel to, and explore how the characters react to each new revelation. Will they escape them? Probably not, but oh the things that they will see.

Your players will encounter other people, who won't know what's going on and will likely think the characters are mad. Perhaps they are.

Areas of Note: Rome circa 200 BC, Assyrian Empire 1233 BC, France 1789 AD, "Now", The Brainsphere 21990 AD, Angular Space ???? ??

Goal: Find a place / time / corner to hide in and shake them off of your trail. There's gotta be somewhen you can go.