Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast
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It's been a long time coming - you've been working hard and you've honestly been a little burned out. You managed to get everything wrapped up before the first vacation you've taken in years. All that's left to do is gather up your friends and head to a quaint little bed and breakfast just past exit 22 out of town.

It's not the kind of place you'd normally vacation at, but when the ad showed up on your doorstep with an invitation for a free weekend - well, it must have been fate. You suspect it must be a ploy to drum up business, seeing as it's in the middle of a "scenic desert" - free of light pollution and a wonderful view of the night sky, or so the brochure advertises.

Regardless, you're in for a fun weekend of rest and relaxation. Pack your bath bombs, favorite books, and assorted teas and let the stress melt away. If you're in for something a bit more adventurous, several caverns nearby offer a chance to slip underground and explore natural environs - they've got stunning stalagmites and offer a free t-shirt to everyone who visits. There's even a natural cenote you can visit if you fancy a bit of swimming in a sunlit underground.

So get settled in, the groundskeeper's away for the weekend so feel free to grab your room key from the front desk, meet your fellow guests, and dive into a stress-free weekend of fun!

Play Notes: The setup is similar to the "Cabin in the Woods" style of slasher film, where "they" can appear and stalk the guests at your excitement in a remote desert locale.

Areas of Note: Exit 22, The B&B, Natural Caverns, Cenote, The Desert Back-country, Giant Cactus

Goal: Rest, relax, and recharge - have no stressful encounters over the weekend.