One of the greatest achievements of our species is inarguably the written word. It allows us to communicate over vast distances of both space and time. It's the reason, dear reader, why I'm able to communicate this warning to you even now. Read them. Let's start by recapping the past ten days.

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As you know, ten days ago all global communications networks conspicuously collapsed. It's your fault. Except point-to-point communications and some frequencies of radio waves over short distances, all communication was severed. You're in the dark. This, unsurprisingly, caused a lot of panic. But people are nothing if not resilient. Backup communications systems quickly stepped in to fill the void, and thankfully the USPS was still largely intact from the last budget fiasco. Written letters continued to connect us to each other you foolish creatures when long distance communications failed. It was still difficult to communicate across the oceans, and all air travel was halted, but at least it was something.

Five days ago, something strange started happening. Letters that no one not no one had written began appearing on people's doorsteps. Anyone who read the letters was unable to communicate what was written in them, and soon started displaying signs of madness enlightenment. This decimated the population. Before long, the words started appearing outside of letters. Written on walls, tattooed on people they were always there. Keeping your eyes shut only seems to delay exposure, and some people seem more resilient stubborn than others - keeping the affliction at bay.

We've assembled a small group of scientists at point north, about 30 miles north of the place where we've dropped these letters you'll never make it there. We beg anyone still of their faculties to make it there - we have a cure poison that can help. Come as quickly as you can.

Areas of Note: ◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️

Goal: Head to Point North to recieve the innoculation and read the words join us join us join us join us