Castle Bluebeard

Castle Bluebeard

It happened again. He's brought home another bride. The poor girl has no idea what she's in for. Maybe this time will be different. Maybe this time she'll leave. But no, they never leave.

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The lord of the manor has always been an eccentric sort, with one hell of a temper. The pattern has repeated itself six times now. New bride arrives at the house, inevitably she goes to the room she's expressly forbidden to visit, and the master returns early (how does he know?), kills her, and hangs her corpse to rot in the very room she was so curious about. It's as predictable now as the tides, or the sun setting in the sky.

As the house staff, you've gotten used to this. Maybe you don't like it, maybe you do, but in either case you dare not comment on it for fear of suffering the same fate.

Ten days ago, the newest bride arrived - the lord showered her with gifts and finery and bade her make herself comfortable. She took to the manor, like they all do, as if it had always been her home. He handed her the keys to the house, and told her she could explore every room save one. The room that always leads them to their doom. It took her longer than most. She went from room to room, observing the splendor with the eyes of a child. For five days, she explored. But on the dawn of the 5th day, her curiosity got the better of her. Like all of the other brides before her, she opened the door.

Somehow, horrifyingly, this time was different. Oh, the usual scream accompanied the opening of the door but ... it did not come from the bride. It came from the manor. It was as if every wall in the place screeched in unison - releasing all of the pain that had been festering in its heart all at once. The chaos was immediate. Several of the staff turned upon each other, tearing at flesh with their fingers and teeth. Soon after that, they appeared. Manifestations of the house's torment. Beasts. Shadows.

You've been hiding in one of the safer rooms of the house since then, but you're growing weak with hunger and thirst. You need to get out of here - it's either a slow death in here, or a chance for escape. You must brave the manor once more, and face your punishment for your sins.

Areas of Note: Servant's Wing, Banquet Hall, Kitchens, Scullery, Bedchambers, "The Room", Gardens

Goal: Leave your chambers, brave the rooms of the house, locate the bride if she still lives, beg her forgiveness, and escape the manor.