Corrupted Temple of Una

Corrupted Temple of Una
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Release Date: TBD
The temple of Una was built 1200 years ago at the height of the Blood Moon Tide as a place of refuge for all of those that had to flee when the Woods that Eat suddenly became more active, and the night things began appearing from the night sky. It was a dark time in the history of the Whale, but the Temple of Una was a beacon of light in the darkness. Even though Una was the Goddess of the Sea, her followers established the Temple further inland in order to best repel the chaos of the era.
53 years ago, a group of cultists and champions dedicated to Cruxius assaulted the temple. Though they were all killed, they were able to succeed in desecrating the temple and laying a terrible curse upon the entire structure.

The Corrupted Temple of Una is a deadly dungeon crawl set in the world of the Whale (one of our home campaign settings) wherein a party of adventurers descends into the temple in search of lost artifacts, missing allies, and an end to the temple's curse. Brave the undead, demons, elementals, and creatures more unique as you proceed through the temple attempting to discover its mysteries before it makes you one of its permanent residents.

The adventure comes with a full set of eight pre-generated characters, each with their own backstory and reasons for being in the temple (both public and secret). It also features some unique mechanics to both make the adventure more thrilling and even deadlier than your players are used to.

Overall, it should take a group of 4-5 adventurers about two four hour sessions to complete, and should one of their number fall, they can always bring in one of the pregens into the mix.

We'll be offering the adventure, a Foundry VTT world, and other digital assets for playing the adventure on virtual tabletops.

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