Creatures of Dance

Creatures of Dance
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The big night is almost here! Everyone at the school is stoked for Senior Prom and you haven't found a date yet! Do you ask Mummina? She may be thousands of years older than you, but you think you may have a shot. Or maybe Count Viktor Orlev? There's a good chance you won't have any blood left after the evening is done, but he's also the captain of the fencing team and has chiseled abs like a Greek statue. What about Xxxyyyxxx? They may be an eldritch horror, but you'd have hundreds of mouths to smooch.

Unfortunately for you, finals are also coming up and with all that prom hype going on you've not had any time to study. Or do homework. Or attend all your classes. Look, getting a date to this thing is the. most. important. thing. right. now. Well, maybe dodging the monster hunters might be slightly more important, seeing as you can't go to prom if you're dead. Unless you come back as a ghost - or a skeleton like Necrina. She's all bones, but maybe you're into that kind of thing? Or maybe one of the hunters might want to go with you? Might have to make sure they don't kill anyone as the night drags on....

Okay okay FOCUS. Here's the plan: Get a date for the prom, without getting expelled, or killed by hunters, or eaten by your fellow students and have the party of your life!

Play Notes: You're monsters attending monster university - a monster university that happens to have a prom. Look, you're all adults. Some of you might be hundreds of years old. Maybe you're a gorgon or a ghost. The sky's the limit here. What's important is getting you a date to the prom without getting killed, expelled, or rejected. I'd recommend playing this without a "them" in this scenario, the tension is caused by general threats to a monster, both bodily and to the ego.

Areas of Note: Cafeteria, Gym, Hallway, Classroom, Party Tree, Track and Field, Prom Night

Goal: Get a date to the prom or die trying!