Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold
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It's your second week on the job. Things have been really weird around here. Well, weirder than meeting a horrible demise and then immediately being pressed into service as a psychopomp. That's right, rookie, your job is to usher the souls of the dead into the afterlife. An afterlife you'll never see. It's just you, and the dead, forever.

I mean, that is it was supposed to be. Ten days ago, the chthonic gates slammed shut and grew dark. Some of the older psychopomps saw this as an excellent excuse to slack off and take some well-deserved rest. After a couple of days, they grew concerned. Cerberus even tried gnawing the gates open. No dice. All the while the dead kept piling in, forming a line to the gates that stretched on forever.

Five days ago, you found a letter in your cloak pocket (yeah, cloaks can have pockets) that simply said "They have arrived. We thank you for your service." The world as you knew it exploded into a cacophony of screams and pain. The souls of the dead cried out as they were devoured. Many of your fellow psychopomps were caught in the chaos.

You ran, ran to the deep places trying to escape the madness. Deep in the labyrinth, through tunnels and twists, you found a small font of divinity which seems to hold them at bay. But as far as you can tell, the impossible is happening and the font is running out of energy. Perhaps you can use the font and its remaining divinity to open the chthonic gates and escape to the afterlife that was previously denied to you. Perhaps they'll open and let you through. Perhaps not. Only one way to find out!

Areas of Note: The subterranean labyrinth, skull-lined caverns, the empty roads, Cerberus's den, the Chthonic Gates

Goal: Carry the remaining divine energy back to the Chthonic gates, force them open, and cross the threshold in defiance of the gods themselves.