Dark Mist Rising

Dark Mist Rising

Each of you have no idea how you got here. One minute you were at the pinnacle of some sort of human achievement: A lifetime award for your brilliant acting, the Nobel peace prize, breaking the world record for fastest 100 meter sprint time. Or something altogether more brilliant. You only stepped away to savor your victory alone for just a few minutes, but when you did - a dark mist rose up around you and transported you somewhere else. Somewhere different and unfamiliar. Somewhere sinister.

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You were not alone in your predicament. There were others - others who found themselves trapped. At first, the place looked somewhat akin to the woods you might see in a cheap horror film. The ruddy red color of the full moon suspended overhead - never moving. It wasn't until you saw the rusty hooks decorating the landscape that you started to become afraid. Soon after - you heard them. Something out in the distance - stalking you. Watching you from afar.

That sense of urgency washed over you as you continued to explore your surroundings. Turns out that the woods were not the only thing around - there were buildings of differing styles, shapes, and state-of-repair. As it also turns out, there are walls - surrounding the area like some sort of giant arena. One of your compatriots tried to leave by climbing over the wall, only to vanish and reappear with a scream someplace inside your "cage". All the while, those things... or people... hunting you. They want to grab you and impale you on one of those rusty hooks.

You did discover one peculiar thing, one that gives you hope for escape. There are two massive doors on either side of the arena. They seem to be tied to some broken machinery....machinery that you somehow know how to repair. For reasons you cannot explain, you know that fixing enough of the machines will restore power to the doors, allowing you to escape. Roll up your sleeves, it's time to get to work.

Areas of Note: Shack, Farmhouse, Barn, Old School, Inverted Pyramid, Exit Doors, Beyond

Goal: Repair the machines, power the doors, and get the hell out of there before they catch you.