Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams
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The world ended in fire and smoke and your physical form ended along with it. Your digital form, however, endured. A small number of individuals, mostly scientists and the ultra-rich, uploaded their consciousness to the WebWork - a computer simulation that allowed those who had the means or opportunity to endure the end. It's hard to say if you're really you, or if you're simply a copy - but does that really matter? You are a dreamer.

For hundreds of subjective years you've each cultivated your perfect world - shaping it to your desires. Maybe you've built a utopian paradise. Or you've created a hellscape. Either way it is yours. Or, at least, it was.

Ten days ago, you lost access to the administrator console. You were locked out of all functions, and could no longer make changes to your dreamscape. Shortly thereafter other people's dreamscapes began merging into your own. The boundaries between the different dreams of the inhabitants of the WebWork became blurry. Five days ago they appeared.

Your fellow dreamers don't know what they are - a cascading failure in the code perhaps. But they do say that entire dreamscapes have collapsed at their touch. And along with them: their dreamers.

There's really only one hope left - when you (or your predecessor, at least) entered the WebWork you were embedded with the location of the emergency override - a special node which could be accessed by traversing a certain path through the WebWork's prebuilt dreamscapes to the spire. There you'll be able to access the last console and reboot the system. You're not exactly what that means - you could revert to the memories you had when you first entered the system. It might kill you. What's the difference? Get moving.

Play Notes: This setting plays with the concepts of persistent identity, dreams, and what it really means to be human. Dream logic is advised here - things that don't make sense should be the norm. Likewise, turn their dreams to nightmares as the dream proceeds. I've drawn inspiration from Soma (by Frictional Games) and the ideas in Horizon: Forbidden West for this setting.

Areas of Note: The Mercury Sea, The Clockwork Turtle, The Reverse Tree, The Whale, The Unter-tunnel, The Spire

Goal: Traverse the WebWork's collapsing dreamscapes, make it to the tower, and activate the reset protocol.