Mansion in the Woods

Mansion in the Woods

It was supposed to be a simple train ride up through the mountains - a nice diversion from your mundane life. Get a bit of relaxation time in on an old-timey luxury train, enjoy a cup of tea in their opulent dining car as the mist-shrouded trees rolled by.

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That illusion was quickly shattered as the train screeched suddenly to a halt. For a few moments, you thought this was one of the normal risks of train travel - something blocking the tracks that would take a while to clear. But, a few minutes later, you heard the sound of glass breaking and people screaming. It wasn't long before you realized that they were tearing the train apart - looking for anyone they could dismember, or eat, or... well you're not exactly sure because you didn't see any bodies - just blood. Lots and lots of blood.

You've got to get out of here. You can see a mansion off in the distance through the mist shrouded woods - but no other choice but to get there on foot. No time to waste, escape the train and seek shelter in the mansion!

Play Notes: This assumes the pace of the Ten Candles game as a bit more of an adrenaline-horror thrill ride, but you can still play it as more of a slow-burn after the initial setup. However, if you want to play this a little faster-paced, simply call for more challenges and encourage them to put on the pressure until they get to the mansion.

Places of Note: Blood-covered Luxury Train, Mist shrouded woods, Manor on the Hilltop, Family Graveyard, Underground Tunnels

Goal: Escape the Train, seek shelter in the manor, and attempt to find a way out of here.