Neko no Mura (猫の村)

Neko no Mura (猫の村)
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Nestled at the base of Mt. Fuji is a village of contradictions. With one foot in the spirit world, Kami and Humans walk side-by-side on a daily basis only barely aware of each other's presence. Since time immemorial, you've guarded this place; you ensure rogue Kami leave the humans in peace and that inconsiderate humans don't desecrate the shrines of the Kami.

To the humans, you may seem like normal cats - but some of them know better, some of them think to give you a head pat or a small treat in thanks for your dedication to keeping this place safe. Is it any wonder that when the sky went dark and the humans disappeared from the streets that you were the first on the scene? It's been several sleeps since then, and the situation is growing worse by the day. Not only have you not seen a human in a while (though you can hear them huddled together in those few buildings that remain lit), but also you haven't seen any of the Kami.

What you have seen, however, is Them. They stalk the darkness that even your eyes have trouble piercing. They've already taken out a number of your fellows, one-by-one, snatching them from their dens or from their patrols. The situation is getting dire. The Clowder has convened - you must travel into the spirit world, find the Kami, and bring them back to the village and only with their assistance can you drive Them back and protect the remaining humans. The Kami might demand a high price for this service; This is your sacred duty, and you'll see it through.

Play Note: You're cats! This is a play on "Pound Puppies" from the Ten Candles core book. We recommend that cats are able to talk to each other and to the Kami, but it's up to you how you want to play it.

Areas of Note: The alleyway of the most sacred Clowder, Temple Shrine, The Ten Torii (Gates), The Kami Realm, The Refuge

Goal: Travel to the Temple Shrine, through the Ten Torii, into the Kami Realm and bring the Kami found there back to the human's refuge to banish Them