Off With Their Heads!

Off With Their Heads!
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Follow one little white rabbit down through a hole in the ground and look where that gets you. Stuck in a weird "wonderland" of excitement and biscuits - and a murderous queen hell-bent on ensuring that you'll never make it out of here alive. What more could you dream of?

It was ten days ago that you chased the bevested furry fiend back to his lair and wound up here. The first few days were fine, you found some others who had been lured here by the sounds of a ticking pocket watch and ever-present "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!". You managed to stay alive by eating cake and tea (and via generous assistance of a man with a ridiculous hat), all the while searching for a way out.

Unfortunately, Five days ago they found you. Agents of the Queen of Hearts. She doesn't like you here, not at all. She cannot tolerate your presence in this realm - and she seeks to remove you from it. Permanently. Since then you've been running from place to place, to and fro, here to there - trying to stay alive. Staying in one place for too long would be a death sentence, but move too fast and you may fall into a place that you wish you'd never visited.

So grab your "drink me" bottles and "eat me" cakes, and run as fast as you can through this waking nightmare - you have to find that rabbit and make him take you home, appointments be damned!

Play Notes: As this is a dark rendition of Alice in Wonderland, you can decide that "They" are the agents of the Queen of Hearts - playing cards. You may let the players decide they're something different or more sinister. Either way the primary antagonist is the Queen of Hearts. You should treat her as largely shapeless and formless in the adventure. The players can't defeat her, only run from her - it's up to the storyteller if she should even appear at all.

Places of Note: Marmoreal, Crims, Tugley Wood, The Tea Party, The White Rabbit's House, The Rabbit Hole

Goal: Find that damned rabbit, capture him, and make him take you back home.