Opulent and Imperial

Opulent and Imperial
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"Ruin has come to our family. You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial, gazing proudly from its stoic perch above the moor." These are the words written on the fading parchment your employer showed you when you arrived in this place that it seems the gods have forgotten.

This is a setting based on Darkest Dungeon - we're not affiliated with them in any way and this is not official content. You should pick up the games if you've not though, they're great.

The venerable house, has fallen into disrepair. Much like your life before coming here. Honestly, it was in shambles. You were desperate. When you heard that some noble house was recruiting muscle to clear out the areas at the far edge of civilization, you jumped at the opportunity. Nothing left for you here, and even though the wilderness is dangerous - staying here would be even more so.

Your first few trips into the swamp were difficult, but relatively straightforward. This latest trip, was much much worse. You set out 10 days ago, your mission was to clear out a series of ruins - apparently your employer's ancestor used to stalk these halls long before they fell to ruin. It wasn't long after you arrived that you discovered the place was like a maze - you've been wandering the tunnels ever since. It wasn't too bad at first, you brought enough rations for several weeks - bland, but at least you won't starve.

Five days ago, they appeared. Popping out from behind the walls, secret doors, hovering just at the edge of your torchlight. They've been stalking you - ready to pounce on you when the light runs out. You're running out of torches - you need to find the way out of here, before it's too late. With blade, rope, and shovel you're getting out of here. One way or another.

Areas of Note: The sodden library, The Chapel, The Alchemist's Room, The Torture Chamber, Storage, The Spiral Staircase

Goal: Make it out of the ruins alive before your torches run out.