We used to love the light. Spend the summers watching the patterns it creates as it filters down through the canopy of trees that was our home. It's amazing the patterns you can see in the shadows of leaves on the forest floor. The elders often used it as an augury - to predict when the rains would come, or which of the children of the forest would next wed or celebrate the birth of their child.

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We should have seen the warning signs, as the auguries became less predictable. The shadows and their patterns shifting. But we didn't. Not until it was far too late. Ten Days ago the patterns on the forest floor began to display an unusual quality - the casting of a rainbow - scintillating shapes where once the lines were clearly defined. Direct exposure to the sunlight, in clearings or gaps in the canopy cover became deadly - causing people to shift and shatter as if they were stained glass being struck with a hammer.

Five days ago they appeared. Creatures out of nightmare - they appeared as if they were slightly out of phase, peeking behind trees. It was subtle at first, but as the days wore on - they became more bold. Grabbing villagers and dragging them into the light to be transformed. It seems the only thing they fear is the darker spots of the forest floor - and those are dwindling. The light grows ever more oppressive, as we're running out of time.

Our ancestors tell of a cave structure not far from here - where it is said that the earth birthed the sun. Perhaps there's some clue in there, some reprieve from the danger. The world might be ending, but I have no intention of going with it. Do you? Good - let's move.

Areas of Note: Shrouded Canopy, Abandoned Tree Village, The Old Path, Cave System, Solarium Grove

Goal: Get to the Ancient Caves, and find out what's happening - and if you're lucky - stop it.