Projects Update - April 22

Cthonicstudios project updates, April 2022

Projects Update - April 22

Hey subscriber friends - it's great to be able to give you all a bunch of updates of stuff I've been working on. If you're not yet subscribed - go on and click that button. I promise you won't be spammed - I send out very few emails.

New Project:

Not much I want to announce on this one, but if you head on over to you can sign up for the newsletter. I don't expect this one to kick off in earnest until around June - but I've been doing a lot of planning.

This started off as a seed several years ago that I've not yet planted, but I'm doing the market research and planning on it. If it turns out to be commercially viable - awesome. If not, we'll wind up with some (hopefully nice) open source tools to facilitate tabletop RPG design and playing.

Fortress of Kelnor

Completion Percentage: 90%

Kelnor is moving right along! It's entered its final beta read phase, wherein the beta readers will help locate any grammar, spelling, and continuity errors in the work and then submit for feedback. I expect this process to complete mid-May which will put the final editing step sometime in June.

In the interim I have a bit more editing to do on one of the maps (which will require more icons!) which will be included in the final run.

Once that's done, Kelnor will be complete and ready for release! Since Kelnor is an adventure for an unpublished work happening in collaboration, it might be a while longer before it can be released to the world - but I'm pleased it's basically done.

The Corrupted Temple

Completion Percentage: 65%

Editing continues on the Corrupted Temple - I've basically replaced all of the 5e references with Pathfinder 2e and will be doing a playtest of it coming up soon. I've also made a Foundry VTT module with the map, walls, pregens, and several other goodies which still need to be tested - but I'm happy to include that in the overall bundle.

Meanwhile, I've (like many others) been worried about what to do with this adventure with the latest OGL 1.1 troubles. I'm happy to report that I've reviewed the draft of the ORC license that is being spearheaded by Paizo, and feel super comfortable releasing the work under the ORC when it's finished. I'm waiting to see if the 2e SRD will be re-released under the ORC when it's done, so it may be a bit before this one actually makes it out the door, but I've still got plenty of editing to do in the meantime.

OSRaon Icon Pack

The icon pack is basically in the completest form I'm going to make it, but I still have a bunch of icons I want to put in. Since development has slowed down a bit I've marked it as complete on, but it'll still be getting free updates for as long as I feel like doing so.

History of the Whale

Progress remains slow on this book. It's going to be a long one, and it's currently at the back of the pile. Hoping to pick it up full steam once I've completed Kelnor and Corrupted Temple.