Solar Winds

Solar Winds

You'd always admired the view growing up. An endless vista, almost like a tunnel. Miles and miles of farmland, dotted with towns and cities that extended as far as the eye could see. Almost like an endless tunnel. At the end of that tunnel, the sun always shining.

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Technically, the sun was "overhead" seeing as you lived on the inside of a hollow sphere that was built around it. No one quite knows when humanity completed the ultimate achievement of fully harnessing the power of the sun, on account of several interspersed societal collapses - but that's never really been a problem. The sphere itself is autonomous - constantly harvesting enough energy to meet the population's needs twenty times over. Yours has been a life of relative ease, with machines autonomously harvesting crops - providing for all the necessities of life. This left most people the opportunity to pursue their desires - for good or for ill.

Your life was upended when ten days ago the sun disappeared from the sky, briefly bathing the sphere in darkness. Emergency backup power turned on - which was a surprise to everyone, as no one realized that the sphere had battery backup in the first place. Pockets of light shone out in the darkness - a mix of dim white and ominous red to indicate catastrophic failure of the star. The light held strong with no signs of giving out, at first. But five days ago they arrived. Their arrival also heralded the waning of the light, and presumably of backup power. Entire cities went dark in the distance, slowly at first, accompanied by transmitted warnings of danger and blood. As of today only one town yet remains lit. Your town.

Twelve hours ago a large spire rose out of the ground with a great rumble and a flash of blue light - shining like a beacon in the inky black beyond the town. Every monitor that was still powered flickered and let out a loud beep before displaying the following message: OMEGA PROTOCOL ACTIVATED. PROCEED TO INTEGRATION SPIRE ALPHA-4 IMMEDIATELY. ACTIVATION WILL COMMENCE IN 24 HOURS.

The power in town appears to be giving out - it's time to grab some portable light beacons (thank the gods for the maintenance techs) and head out.

Areas of Note: The Last Town, Train Station, Cabin in the Fields, Checkpoint Two-Delta, Integration Spire Alpha-4

Goal: Head out of town with those survivors brave enough to venture to the tower, find out what the Omega Protocol is, survive.