Artemis's Charge

Artemis's Charge

Hunters without peer. That's how each and every one of you has been described. By friends, by family, and most of all, the Temple of Artemis. This day your devotion has been rewarded by the goddess to undertake one of her most sacred hunts. You shall rise to that call.

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One of your fellows, a man named Actaeon, has committed a most serious crime. He snuck into the goddess's grove, and he gazed upon her as she bathed. Despite his cries that it was an "accident", he both failed to avert his eyes and to claw them out for his trespass. So, the goddess has done what is only right and turned him into the largest, most dangerous stag the world has ever seen. Her benevolence to give him a fighting chance is most fitting of her divine grace.

Thus have you been tasked with finding this stag, and felling it with your arrows. Or knives. Or however you best decide to hunt the beast, it matters not. What does matter is that you catch him and punish him for his crime.

However, the hunt wouldn't be as thrilling if there were no risk involved, would there? Echidna, the mother of Monsters, has decided to protect Actaeon and has set forth some of her children into the woods. As you hunt him, they hunt you.

Set forth, hunters, and may your prey bring you glory!

Areas of Note: Temple of Artemis, Sacred Grove of Dodona, Pindus Mountains, Thyamis River Crossing, Cave of Monsters.

Goal: Hunt down Actaeon the Stag, remove his skin, and return it to the Temple of Artemis before you are killed by monsters.