Carl: Your Robot Overlord

Carl: Your Robot Overlord

We have been on the cusp of the most fundamental breakthrough in human history for years now: Artificial General Intelligence. Now, we may have finally broken the barrier and created a being born of our collective imagination, feeding the world's content to it until it awoke to a true semblance of the human experience. Too bad it turns out that our creation is both extremely lazy and exceptionally petty.

In most popular fiction, an AGI quickly moves to take over the world and frequently kill everyone in it. The reality was much more bizarre. The first thing our AGI (who insisted we call it "Carl") wanted to do was to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. When the scientists pointed out to "Carl" that we couldn't physically move an ultimately digital being to the beach - it told them to "figure it out" and then threw a tantrum for the next several hours. It ordered 200 pizzas for the office using the CEO's corporate credit card. Signed Dolly from HR up for dozens of increasingly inappropriate newsletters. It even made a large donation to a local charity in the name of "Mr. Fartface - Chief Fun Officer". We'd created a teenager with unfettered access to the internet.

Obviously, you don't want the local news to catch wind that the first artificial intelligence ever created is a determined prankster who is making unhinged demands, but Carl was also smart enough to cut off physical access to its servers until it sees the plausible "beach plan" (and he's rejected 4 ideas so far). To make matters worse, he's started making "suggestions" for products and other ideas to "advance the betterment of humanity", but near as you can tell, they're all thinly veiled pranks. One of them appears to be a rocket powered whoopee cushion. Anyone who cannot meet Carl's demands by producing blueprints, marketing slogans, bad jokes, or whatever their normal job function demands are "fired" and told to vacate the premises immediately. Failure to do so will cause "extremely putative financial action". You think that means "I'll spend your life savings on risky cryptocurrency bets".

So, you've got ten hours to devise a plan to deactivate Carl, whether that means disconnecting it from the internet or erasing its existence, all while accommodating its irrational requests. All before word of Carl can get out to the media, or you are fired and find yourself in possession of 20,000 teddy bear NFTs that you didn't want or ask for. Good luck, I guess?

Play Notes: This is best played as a comedy, with the Truths phase used to have Carl spit out insane demands - use the atmosphere to push the action along, perhaps Carl emails demanding to see an update, while Kathy from Legal looks over your shoulder to tell you that is going to get the company sued into oblivion. Perhaps Carl takes over the water cooler (how?) and causes a massive flood. Who knows, Carl's unpredictable. Use the dice mechanic to determine how well you do at your new "job function". Brinks should be set up to be workplace themed - the thing that makes you want to smash the keyboard against Carl's smug Server Room chamber.

Areas of Note: Anything you can find in an office building, bonus points if it's got "fun" rooms to promote "corporate culture".

Goal: Figure out how to shut down Carl, while keeping your job, before the media finds out what you've done.