It started with the weather forecast. A foot of snow predicted over the next several days didn’t seem like much of a problem. Unfortunately, the snow never stopped falling. Ten days ago, the dream of a winter wonderland turned into a climate disaster, as the sky grew dark and the snows fell across the planet.

Many cities were completely unprepared for the amount of snowfall they were receiving, especially in late October. Your city fared better. You had a supply of snow plows and enough seasonal precipitation that city infrastructure didn’t immediately crumble under the weight. For the first five days, the city carried on; the streets were cleared daily. Things were more-or-less normal.

That’s when they appeared. They first targeted the snow plows, tearing the drivers from the cabin, staining the pristine snow red with blood. The situation rapidly deteriorated from there. Power stations were the next targets as they destroyed transformers and plunged wide areas into darkness. With nothing left to heat their buildings, people set small fires in their homes to keep the cold at bay. However, they had been ready to pounce, for they feared the heat and were waiting until it was cool enough to strike.

They stalked the halls of dark, unheated buildings, looking for those ambulatory heat sacks that we call “people” to rend and tear them until they too grew as cold as the snows. Many didn’t even have time to start the small fires that would provide safety. They killed thousands on the first day.

You were one of the lucky ones. You had headed to a city-provided heating center before they had appeared. Whether your permanent home was unavailable, or you were just caught out at the wrong time, you were lucky. This building had both a generator and oil heating, resilient to the lack of a power grid. Even if the lights go out, the oil heater would remain. You’d considered staying, but yesterday the facility manager announced that the oil was running low, and more would be needed.

You volunteered for the expedition, against your better judgement. Why would you do that? Do you intend to flee the city? Are you content to hole up in that shelter indefinitely, when there’s no sign of the snow letting up? Whatever the reason, you have decided to brave the snow and risk their wrath. You’ve got some portable heaters, and you think you can keep an open flame going. Good luck, friends.

Areas of Note: The Shelter, Snow-Covered Streets, Underground Mall, Bus Depot, The Gravelstone Oil Company.

Goal: Locate Oil for the Shelter and wait out the storm, or attempt to flee the city and brave them.