Desert Rover Mk. II

Desert Rover Mk. II

The hum of the engines, and the soft swishing of the sand seas below you have been a persistent theme of your life. You were born here, on the Desert Rover Veltrain, along with everyone else you've ever met. The massive rover is the size of two city blocks (whatever those are), and provides everything you've ever needed to survive. Water collected from the air, power generated from the minerals in the sands. You've heard from the elders that there are other Desert Rovers out there, searching the endless sands, and that occasionally they would meet and share stories - and people, those looking for a different life aboard a different ship. You've never seen one.

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That is, until Ten Days Ago. Veltrain rolled up to the Desert Rover Egran - oddly stationary, as if it had crashed upon rocks like a ship from the storybooks, back when there was an ocean of water. Imagine that, endless water. As your rover approached, it was met with only the sound of the wind. As you approached to dock, no one came to greet you. Something was terribly wrong. You waited for a long while, the elder council debating what to do - nothing like this had ever happened before. Sure, other Sand Rovers had been lost before but those had all disappeared without a trace, never to be greeted again.

Elder Catherine selected you to investigate the ship, and see where everyone had gone. That was Five Days ago. You used a small skimmer to head over, and docked along the top of the Crawler. At first there was nothing out of the ordinary - as if the rover were some slumbering beast, its crew simply vanished into thin air. It took you quite a bit of time to make it into the interior of the crawler, the codes to the doors were difficult to crack - but you did eventually manage to get them open. You were greeted by the stillness of a tomb, and yet, no evidence that anything was amiss.

Since then you've been slowly investigating the ship and taking trips back to the Veltrain, reporting on progress and resupplying. Today you'll be breaching the command deck to investigate the Crawler's logs. You can't escape the nagging feeling that something terrible will happen today, a feeling that was confirmed when your sandskimmer powered down when you docked this morning, and has thus far refused to turn on. Since Veltrain is several miles away, it will be difficult to signal them for rescue unless you can get Egran moving again, or find some way to send a signal.

And you swear that you each have seen something. Just on the edge of your vision. Watching you. Hungering. Must be your imagination.

Areas of Note: Hydroponics, Water Harvesting, Engineering, Control Room, Upper Decks, Lower Maintenance Shafts

Goal: Investigate what happened to the 3000 souls aboard Desert Rover Egran and find a way to return to Desert Rover Veltrain.