Impelling Vaults

Impelling Vaults

The last thing you remember is falling for what seemed like forever, followed by sharp pain as you landed. After that, the stench filled your nose. Putrid. Rotten. It shocked you awake. As you tried to right yourself, your hands sunk into the soft floor below you, making it difficult for you to stand. The oppressive darkness made it even more difficult to make any progress at all. Eventually, you managed to roll down a small incline, and come to rest against a stone wall - allowing you to stand. Despite the pain you were in, you pulled out your phone and turned on the light.

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What greeted you in the dim light sickened you, even worse than the smell. The "floor" that had broken your fall was a huge pile of bodies. Rotting, swollen bodies. The ones near the top were relatively fresh, while the ones nearer to the bottom were crushed bone.

You're not sure how you got out of that room after the panic set in. The rushed, blind panic of someone filled with fear. After you had calmed down, you realized that you were in what amounted to a maze. A labyrinth, not unlike the story of the Minotaur of Cretan lore. That thought was chilling. The noises that you've been unable to explain, around the corner, right behind you - that's been even worse.

There are rooms scattered throughout the maze. Some of them, just like the one you first found yourself in, filled with bodies. Others, even stranger: rooms filled with torture implements, vast vats with strange liquids, chain-link cages, even more bizarre things. There have also been messages on the walls, marked in chalk - "Beware they who stalk the halls" and "This way, hang in there".

Why can't you remember how you got here? Why does it feel like the shape of the maze is changing? Who left the messages, and did they escape?

As the hours and days (days? has it been days?) passed, you found others trapped down here with you - and some supplies. Old oil lamps, like the kind you might find in an old mine, scattered about the maze have been providing some measure of insulation against the crushing darkness all around you - but there's not much time left. There's only so much oil, and you're starting to get hungry, and thirsty. You have to find a way out of here.

Areas of Note: Corpse Piles, Torture Room, Kennels, Endless Tunnels, The Maw

Goal: Search for an exit and avoid they who stalk the halls.