Modern Prometheus

Become a modern Prometheus in this setting for Ten Candles, and escape from a research facility deep on the edge of colonized space.

Modern Prometheus

The story of Prometheus is one of sacrifice. He stole fire from the gods, and he gave it to the people. For his “transgression” they chained him to a rock, to have his liver eaten out by a massive eagle, only to have it regenerate the following morning. Endlessly. Until, one day, a savior arrived in the form of Hercules, who broke his chains and liberated him from his torment. I wonder how history will remember your sacrifice.

At the edges of colonized space, on the moon of Crius, The Asclepius Corporation (ACP, to the locals) conducted its experiments away from the prying eyes of the colonial government. It was there that they discovered the ultimate advancement - a way to defy death itself. Through a series of bio-organic nanites, gene therapies, and a healthy dose of radiation, ACP had discovered the secret to immortality. With a single treatment, a patient could be cured of all disease, and never age again.

They’d never intended to make their discovery public. Besides the therapeutic benefits, all those who underwent the treatment also gained an extreme resilience to future harm. ACP decided that the military applications of the treatment outweighed the benefits to the public. Besides, what would humanity do if we had finally conquered death? It was far too risky.

You disagreed. Ten days ago, you received word from your informant inside of ACP that they were ready to proceed with the operation: injecting a computer worm into ACP’s systems, and disabling the security systems to the research facility. Of course, the place is heavily guarded, and they would heavily outnumber your small strike team. That was a risk you would have to take.

Five days ago, you lost contact with your informant. They missed the transmission window for several days in a row, but you were still receiving confirmation from the worm that the mission was a go. You assumed that you’d need to rescue the informant as well. Unbeknownst to you, something terrible had happened in the research facility. Several… failed.. experiments, had broken free, and are now running rampant, causing havoc.

Today is the day of the mission. You’re ready to break in, retrieve the secret to the immortality treatment, rescue your colleague, and escape. Try not to get eaten in the process.

Areas of Note: Docking bay C, Laboratories, Infusion Chambers, The Computer Core, Cells.

Goal: Retrieve your colleague and the secret to immortality, escape, and release the secret to the universe.