Solar Rostrum

Solar Rostrum

The buildup to the first international solar expedition was muted, to say the least. Climate change had already changed the habitable zone by more than 30% by 2054, and frankly, the expense to fund a trip to the Sun to "see what we could do about it" was a hard sell. Thank the gods for bored billionaires looking for an escape route.

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By 2062, the Solwing was completed. A modern day Spruce Goose, massive by starship standards, built with unconventional materials, designed to withstand the inhospitable conditions of the Solar Corona. The search for the crew had begun well before the ship was completed, but ill-defined mission parameters made finding candidates to visit the sun difficult at best.

Why did you join up anyway?

Was it the fundraising campaign to "seed the sun with proto-matter to make it cooler"? Or was it "win a trip to exotic locales"? Regardless, you've found yourself on the crew of this "expedition".

Miraculously (and thanks to the actual crew that Soleriacorps managed to hire and/or coerce at the last minute) you managed to make it to the edge of the Sun. That's when things started to go sideways. Right after breaching the corona, the Solwing lost power and began to overheat. You scrambled to restore power to the shields and life support, but soon that didn't matter. The ship stopped heating. The temperature settled at a pleasant 70°F. Checking the sensors, you found nothing but darkness outside. It was as if the Sun itself had gone out.

That was ten days ago. You tried to repair propulsion, but your efforts were in vain. Five days ago, the Solwing came to rest on a surface of some kind. Turns out it was a platform housing what appeared to be man-made structures. In the sun. With a breathable atmosphere.

You started to explore, with the hope of finding something to repair the ship and get the hell out of there. But you were not alone. They were with you. Since then, you have been caught in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with them. You have to get out of here. Now.

Places of Note: The Solwing, Platform Outskirts, The Factory, Plasma Processing, Refinery

Goal: Find some spare parts, repair the Solwing, and get out of here.