The Last Flame

Take the light of the last flame and save the world (or die trying) in this module for Ten Candles

The Last Flame

Long ago, in the days of your ancestors, a bright orb hung in the sky, bringing light and warmth to the land. As a child, you listened to the stories of your elders with rapt attention. Though none of you had ever seen it, through vivid tales and passed down memories, you could almost feel the warm glow of it. The sun.

The world is dark now. They stalk the night, the edges of your settlement. Yours was the only place to survive. The last remnant of the lost world, protected by the light of The Last Flame. Through its blessing, you could survive. Grow crops. Eke out a meagre existence.

Generations have passed since the darkness came and you are the latest batch of flame tenders, charged with ensuring the Last Flame remains ever-burning. You committed to your duty at a young age, destined to continue tending the flame until your dying breath and keeping those creatures out of the settlement for another generation. But that was not to be.

Ten days ago, the transmission arrived. An old machine from the before times crackled to life, making barely audible sounds just at the edge of hearing. It spoke of a furnace, deep in the Darkreaches, where we might bring light back to the world, if only we could bring The Last Flame there. It spoke of pockets of humanity, alive out there, barely. Bulwarks against the darkness, powered by their own flames, but none so powerful as The Last Flame.

To take the flame would mean the slow deaths of everyone at the Sanctuary, and so we left the decision to a vote. Ultimately, the people of the Sanctuary chose hope. They chose to sacrifice themselves for total strangers. You, the flame tenders, are to take The Last Flame through the Darkreaches, and light The Furnace, to bring light back to the world.

They will attempt to stop you, and the Flame can only provide partial protection outside of the Sanctuary. Gather what supplies you can, what weapons you can, and say goodbye to your loved ones. Let their sacrifice drive you forward.

Areas of Note: The Sanctuary, The Penumbra, The Darkreaches, The Core, The Furnace, Salvation

Goal: Take The Last Flame to the Furnace and re-ignite the light of the world.