The Proposal

The Proposal

Get ready bachelors, bachelorettes, and non-binary dateable entities! You’re the latest contestants on “Haunted Love”! In this thrilling new game show, 16 contestants will compete for the love of the elusive "Apres Sovereign". No one knows much about them, for the duration of the show their voice will be concealed and their form distorted. Viewers will enjoy a fast-paced elimination, as contestants will be “removed” from the “mansion” every few hours until only the final few remain!

Don’t worry about the screams that precede the announcement of another elimination. Ignore the puddle of blood seeping under that door frame. Our exciting games, specifically designed to determine your love compatibility with our dear Sovereign, will keep you busy throughout your stay here.

Get to know your fellow contestants in the opulent green room, filled with tasty snacks, drinks, and other surprises just waiting on you to enjoy. The growling from behind the wall? It’s perfectly fine and we assure you everything is safe and nothing is amiss.

Several "elimination icons" are hidden throughout the sprawling mansion, which you can use to remove another contestant from the game, safely. They’re easy to use. Just point and shoot!

When the clock ticks down and only a few of you remain, the “bonus round” will begin. That’s when the games ratchet up to 10, and the final few will be eliminated in short order. The last contestant standing will finally meet the Sovereign and receive their special blessing - the bliss of matrimony and eternal loyalty.

Do you have what it takes to wed the Sovereign? Find out now on “The Proposal”.

Play Notes: This plays mostly as normal, with the following exceptions:

  • The player that defines “Them” should declare a fact about the Sovereign.
  • Generate some NPC contestants - either with a random generator or together during setup. Just a name and a sentence or two describing them.
  • Each time a candle is extinguished, one of the NPC contestants is killed.

Areas of Note: The Grand Ballroom, Kitchen, Dinette, Bedrooms, Green Room, Basement, The Maze, Control Booth

Goal: Be the last one standing and marry the Sovereign

Sample NPCs

Countess Liaza Amborn - An ancient aristocratic vampire, has a haughty air and wants to wed the Sovereign to expand her holdings and consolidate power.

Lev “Amp” Telenson - Washed out heavy-metal guitarist for the band “Nightmorne”. Wants the prize money.

Ergotron-5000 - Sentient robot originally designed to build office furniture. It is a singular articulated arm and “speaks” through sign language.