Ye Be Cursed

Ye Be Cursed

For centuries you’ve plied the open waters of the Atlantic, eternally seeking ships to drag down the briny depths. Countless vessels have fallen to your predations, consigning their souls to hell simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yours is a name that strikes fear in the hearts of sailors and the sight of your ship’s sails on the horizon is enough to paralyze the bravest of men. Cursed though you are, at least you have the small pleasure of bringing others suffering. Until now.

Something has changed. They have come for you. Aboard the giant metal monstrosity, they appeared just after midnight. At first you thought them another set of victims, more souls for the crucible. You were wrong. Within minutes of making contact, they flooded aboard the ship - suddenly more solid than before. The spectral stuff comprising the ship (and you) had become just as real as when you were alive. The strangers, with their metal suits and their strange rifles, opened fire. Each of your compatriots fell, one by one, to them.

A few of you escaped for a time by hiding in the hold. You. Hiding! The thought of it sickens you. But your reprieve was only temporary, for a more dangerous threat appeared. You didn’t even see it coming. Just a brilliant flash, and then darkness.

When you awoke, you found yourselves in the bowels of their ship, in a strange chamber filled with sparking electrical equipment. With each flash of the lightning, pain. Blinding, searing pain. Until suddenly, it stopped, and all went dark.

The red emergency lights flickered on. You heard the sounds of heavy boots down the hallways as the door to your prison unlatched with a loud “clack”. It’s time to bring the hunt to your hunters, and now it’s time for you to escape this place and teach them what it means to truly be cursed.

Play Notes: You’re ghost pirates! In this scenario, ghost hunters have captured you and it’s up to you to escape them and bring the revenge. When defining what they’re capable of, base it on technology or something else that humans can do. They could also be aliens! Make it fun.

Areas of Note: Ectocontainment Chamber, Corridor A8B, The Armory, Esoterian Library, Ritual Containment

Goal: Teach your captors what it means to truly be cursed and escape this place.