The Carnival of Midnight

The Carnival of Midnight

It's always an event when the Carnival rolls into town, the mayor of Downcreek Falls always ensures there's an abundance of fanfare. The annual event is truly the only excitement you get around these parts - seeing as the town is in a remote valley with only one road in or out of it. It's not on any major trading routes, and no tourism to speak to. The last strangers you saw must have been the couple who managed to get lost by over a hundred miles (Millicent let them stay at her place, not worth keeping an inn running when there are no visitors). The town is isolated, and self-sufficient.

Yes, the Carnival of Midnight is really the only thing you've got to look forward to. They always roll into town and stay for just over a week, delighting local folks with acts of daring, magic shows, a hall of mirrors, and a wide variety of other novelties. Each year they bring something different, so it's never the same show.

You've always wondered why the carnival bothers to come to a place with a population of under 200, surely they can't be making enough money off of the modest prices they charge for tickets to justify the trip. Some folks whisper that they come because of some ancient pact they made with the town founders ages ago. You obviously don't believe that superstition, but something keeps them coming and, well, you're grateful for it.

Ten Days ago, they arrived to all of the annual jubilation you've come to expect and kicked off their opening event to the sound of fireworks. You've gone everyday since then, seeing new sights each night. Five days ago, they made their first appearance as part of the show - terrifying to behold, and at the same time, beautiful. You were just glad that the carnival handlers kept them at bay.

Tonight is the closing night of the carnival, and the Manager promises it'll be a night to remember. So grab your complimentary popcorn, and head on into the big tent for the last best show of your life!

Play Notes: This doesn't follow the traditional setup to a tee - it's more akin to the Slasher setup from the Ten Candles main book, and should run basically the same - except it's a Carnival!

Areas of Note: The Big Top, Hall of Mirrors, Bumper Cars, Haunted House,