The Endless Records

The Endless Records
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Outside of time, at the edge of everything, there is a vast library. Held within is a record of every event that has ever occurred or will occur; in this universe and every other. The sounds of quills scratching on parchment, of faint distant typewriters, and of digital displays refreshing form a faint, but ever-present backdrop to your work.

You are the custodians - the caretakers of this place. You've always been here, as far as you know. You've been content in your endless vigil, categorizing and cataloging every work as it completes. Your days were filled with organizing the shelves, having small meals that just appear in the dining hall, and resting in your modest bedchamber on your even more modest bed. At least, they were until ten days ago. That's when records started disappearing. A few at first, missing from their shelves. A few more, no longer waiting to be shelved. Then more. And More.

Panic. That's what you felt. The records are complete. Everything that ever is or was. If they were missing...what then? Your thoughts were interrupted. By Them. There's never been anything else in the records but you and your fellow custodians. They've taken the others. One-by-one. The remaining records seem to hold them at bay. You've gathered several near your chambers where you've been hiding out. But those are vanishing quickly. You have one chance. One chance to survive. At the center is a cube - some say it's a reset, a way to restore the records to a point in time in the past, before all of this happened. You're not sure what'll happen to you - it could bring everyone back. Or worse. But it's either that, or waiting to die with the rest of the universe. Can you do it?

Areas of Note: The Custodians' Quarters, The Endless Shelves, The Cafetria, The Spiral Chamber, The Center

Goal: Make it through the endless shelves, to the center, and activate the cube.