The Hydrologean Depths

The Hydrologean Depths
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At the bottom of the ocean lies a cyclopean city, surrounded by an inexplicable dome of breathable air. A coalition of nations banded together to send a scientific expedition to the ruins over ten years ago so that they could establish a forward base to explore the site and discover the mystery behind who inhabited the colossal buildings and discover any advanced technology they possessed.

In the intervening decade, a small town of semi-permanent residents has been established, using prefabricated shelters and lab space. They are supported by a supply submarine that arrives every 6 weeks to deposit supplies and rotate personnel. Just over 300 souls now call Cotabato Station home.

Ten days ago, Cotabato lost all contact with the surface as all communications fell dark. The supply ship was due to arrive two days after that - but failed to do so. Fortunately, there are several months worth of emergency supplies stocked in emergency supplies if you can live to enjoy them. Five days ago, they came. Some people saw them coming from the endless ruins, others think they came from the sea, no one can say for sure.

What is sure is that you've been holed up in one of the habitation blocks, watching out the windows as the generators powering your lights go dark, one by one. You can see a strange glow coming from inside of the ruins in the distance - that's your only hope. Well, that, or a horrible death. Make sure you tie your shoelaces.

Areas of Note: Habitation Quarters, Lab Spaces, Emergency Supply Storage, Mess Hall, The Ruin's Edge, "The Center"

Goal: Escape the Habitation quarters, brave the ocean floor and find the light in the ruins.