The Road to Londinium

The Road to Londinium
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The year is 55 AD, and you are a member of the 9th legion. Eleven days ago you departed from Lindum Colonia heading southwest back to Londinium. The mission was routine, a standard patrol route - and a full week's worth of leave waiting for you when you arrive.

After not even a day, the sky went dark - Sol had vanished from the sky. As Roman soldiers, you were expected to remain composure. You did. For the next five days you continued your patrol route in darkness with only makeshift torches to light your way. When you arrived in Lindinis, the entire town was deserted. Your only greeting was silence and the scent of sulfur.

Your commander had only just given the order to continue the march to Londinium when they appeared. Watching a hardened soldier be dispatched in seconds was unnerving. But your resolve is unshakable. That's what you told yourself as you formed ranks with the rest of your legion.

Unfortunately, as more of you fell - you were proven wrong. You were forced to take shelter in the local temple to Jupiter. You've managed to keep them at bay by making fires in the giant braziers, but you're running out of fuel for the fire. You need to get out of here and get back on the road. Hopefully once you've made it back to the Fosse Way you'll be safer and en route back to Londinium.

Areas of Note: The Temple of Jupiter, The Baths, The Forum, The Markets, The Walls, The Fosse Way.

Goal: Navigate the abandoned town of Lindinis and make it back to the Fosse Way, and onward to Londinium