The Yellow Sign

The Yellow Sign
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"Dim Carcosa. Lost Carcosa." - Those were the words the stranger said to you as you boarded the Final Ship. To you, Earth was a lost cause at this point. Since 2050 the weather events had gotten worse and worse. Entire Cities destroyed by high winds, rising sea levels threatening coastal cities, more "friendly" climes strained by the influx of climate refugees.  That's why you and a few of your billionaire friends set about fleeing deep into the reaches of space.

You enlisted the best minds that money could buy, and coerced them into service by promising them a place on the ship (which was a 50/50 chance you'd keep your promise, let's be honest). The progress was amazing, the greatest leap in technological advancement since the space race. Why, you probably even could have mitigated the worst aspects of climate change had you decided to put your resources towards that. Oh well, too late now!

The end result was you had a ship capable of faster-than-light travel, enough space to house everyone who funded the program and some support staff (not the scientists, they lost that coin flip). You and all your friends were finally saved, freed from this "crumbling wasteland" - so why did the stranger's words bother you so much? The ridiculous yellow suit made him look like a clown, but his words... they stuck with you for some reason.

Ten days ago, you found out why. The Final Ship dropped out of lightspeed in orbit around a habitable planet designated C4-RC0-S4. Immediately engine power was cut, and the ship began its slow and inexorable plummet to the surface. Only a few of you survived the crash - left on a planet that, while it had breathable atmosphere, had very little else. Remnants of structures were found not far from the crash site, but no vegetation, no animals, no water. You survived on rations from the ship for a few days, that is until They appeared. It was subtle at first, a strange yellow mark appeared on Elan's palm - it looked roughly like three question marks arranged in a triangle, sharing a single point at the center. The next day, you think you saw him fleeing into the rubble - covered in blood. As much as you are loathe to admit it, you're running low on rations and the only recourse (before cannibalism, of course) is to head into the ruins and search for supplies - and maybe some way to remove that strange symbol that's appeared on your hand.

Play Notes: I recommend that at least one player play one of the billionaires - whom I've intentionally set up as hubristic and narcissistic - and some of the other players be the support staff, who may love or resent the billionaires. Their Brinks and Moments should reflect this reality for maximum drama. Likewise, they are fairly vague in this setting, it could be Elan or the strange symbol, or something else altogether.

Areas of Note: The wreckage of the Final Ship, The outer ring, The shattered Temple, The Court of the Dragon,  Lake of Hali, Lost Yhtill

Goal: Head into the ruins, find supplies, figure out how to remove the symbol before it's too late.