There is no Crisis in Ba Sing Se

There is no Crisis in Ba Sing Se
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We made it through the 100-year war by the strength of our walls. We made it through the assassination of the Earth Monarch Hou-Ting. We prospered under Kuvira and her rebellion. The great city of Ba Sing Se has weathered many trials and tribulations.

When the sun disappeared from the sky ten days ago, we were concerned - but the luminescent crystals that we've mined for thousands of years provided light to pockets of the city. A small number of firebenders have also kept the fires stoked and the forges running. While unnerving, we were well set up to endure. That is, until They came. At first, our earthbenders were able to keep them contained. But then they started targeting the crystals, extinguishing the lights and specifically targeting benders. What's worse, it seems that bender abilities are dampened in their presence. Within five days, most of the city has gone dark, its inhabitants dead or missing.

We've been holding up in The Jasmine Dragon tea house for several days now, it was well stocked and well lit. But we can't stay here much longer, they're getting closer by the minute. Our only chance is to make it to the crystal caverns under the city, with enough supplies to hopefully hold out. There's too much light down there for them. We'll be safe. Won't we?

Play Notes: This scenario is set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, after the events of The Legend of Korra. You may play benders if you decide to do so, the only major change is that you can use bending to solve problems - firebending is particularly useful in that it creates light, but that won't save you in the end....

Areas of Note: The Jasmine Dragon, The Upper Ring, The Earthmarket, The Lower Ring, Lowtown Laundry, The Crystal Caverns

Goal: Traverse from the Upper Ring to the lower ring and into the Crystal Caverns - bringing as many supplies as you can.