Generation Ship Destiny

Generation Ship Destiny
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For 600 years, the generation ship Destiny has sailed the eternal darkness of space, home to the last remnants of humanity searching for a new home. Children learn to run the ship from their parents, that one day they might replace them at the helm. The ship has its share of hardships over the centuries, but what happened ten days ago surpasses them all.

One by one, the stars winked out of the sky until nothing but the void remained. Soon after, ship primary power failed. The auxiliary systems kicked in immediately, keeping life support running - but the only illumination left is the dim red glow of emergency lighting. The crew has been working constantly to try and diagnose the source of the problem, but no matter what they've tried so far has restored primary power. To make a bad situation even worse, five days ago They came. There is no telling how many people have gone missing in the interim.

So far you've been safe in hydroponics, where the bioluminescent crops have thus far kept them at bay - but an hour ago you received word from engineering: there may be a way to restore primary power if you can retrieve the captain's override key. She was last seen making her way down to the brig, an unlit portion of the ship.

Can you restore primary power and save the Destiny? Do you cut your losses and find an escape pod and take your chances out in the stellar void? One thing's for sure, the crop is starting to die, and your meager light will soon give out. Time to go.

Areas of Note: Hydroponics, Security, The Brig, Drone Control, The Endless Elevator, Engineering, The Hangar Bay

Goal: Find the captain, gain the override key, and restore primary power.

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